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Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly Letter to editor from member Attorney on new Mass drunk driving laws

Avoid attorneys who promise not guilty verdicts at trial, they may saddle you with years of license loss, incarceration in state prison and a life long conviction.

Don't pay thousands of Dollars to be dragged through a costly trial. A Not Guilty plea usually means thousands of dollars in wasted legal fees, risk of conviction of a serious crime, possible prison and a long period of total license loss. Most people should NOT risk going to trial.

Our experienced lawyers work with the prosecution to obtain the best results. Results that you will know right away and can have confidence in. Our lawyers will not risk your entire future in a trial whose outcome is uncertain.

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Consequences and Penalties
Registry of Motor Vehicles Issues
Drivers' License Suspension
Fines and Prison Terms

Massachusetts Drunk Driving Law
Full text of Chapter 90: Section 24. Driving while under influence of intoxicating liquor

Massachusetts Legal Limit
If your Blood Alcohol content is 0.08 or above you are legally intoxicated.
How much can you drink?

The Breathalyzer
Penalties for Refusing Test
Accuracy and the experts

Field Sobriety Tests
Types and what they measure
When to refuse.

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